How I help textile businesses to grow?

I’ve been working for many different textile- and clothing companies since 2004, big companies and small. I always tailor my services to every company. To meet their needs, image and budgets.

One of my favorite challenges are small companies or start-ups with limited budgets; you really need to push your creativity when you know there isn’t a lot to spend.

With smaller start-up companies it can be more of teaching the company to do things by them selves than doing everything for them, depending on the case. Some might think is it a good business for me to make myself useless for my client but in a long run, I think it is.

When there isn’t much money, the worst thing I could do is to sell the start-up all kinds of services and charge as much as possible. The worst case scenario would be that the client company wouldn’t survive.

Since I’m more interested of a long term partnerships and long term profit, I make everything in my power for my client company to thrive. If I know they can learn to do something by them selves I teach them that. It’s like the old saying “Don’t just give them fish, teach them how to fish.”

When the client company thrives and grows, they will eventually need more of my expertise anyway. I just have to be patient and think things perseveringly.

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