What I do?

Product Development

Developing the functionality of your product. Anything from wearable technology to everyday functional wear. Materials, technical solutions and construction. Illustrations, ideas, color tables, mood boards, sketches, materials, accessories, different qualities. Combining these to a commercially successful product.

Measurement and Technical Design

Measurement tables, grading, technical product instructions aka “techpacks”, garment fittings and measuring. Also commenting these to the factories.


Research can be done about anything: the target group, product group, materials, colors, techniques, trends etc.


Styling the product and brand image for your brands add campaigns, photo shoots, social media content, fashion shows, showrooms or a space for an event, fair etc.

Production Management

Organizing the whole production process from A to Z. The sampling procedure from the first protos, to salesman samples, pre-production samples, shipment samples and to the final product in you warehouse. Taking care of the testings, materials, color fastness, shrinkage, pilling etc.

Product Management

Finding for your product the right price and right place at the market. Finding the best places for production. Sourcing factories, making auditions, negotiating prices, creative problem solving and organizing. Taking care of the different certifications, labels, lab dips etc.

Design Management

You are the designer but you need guidance and an objective point of view about your creations. You have a lot of ideas but your collection needs clarifying and structure. Finding and emphasizing the best parts. You need someone with a lot of experience to reflect with you.

Brand Management an Development

Defining and clarifying the visual image of your brand, marketing and managing the brand image. Emphasizing the differentiating factor of your brand: what makes your brand better than your competitors. Social media marketing, traditional adds, influencer marketing etc.

Concept Management

Defining your concept, the main idea and the reason to be at the market. Your brand values, target group, the visual image, the structure of the collection and the product groups.


Counseling, consulting, coaching and giving advice about all of the things mentioned above. A very vast and versatile point of view of the whole textile, clothing and apparel business.

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